Naruto The Way Of The Ninja 2.0

A game where users dawn their favorite character and fight to the finish

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    Windows 2000 / Windows 98 / Windows ME / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 98 SE / Windows 8

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    7.3 (226)

Naruto: the Way of the Ninja is a fighting game set in the Naruto universe. In this game, players can choose their favorite characters to do battle and determine who is the most powerful of all. Gameplay takes place in a standard 2D environment with players beginning on opposite sides of the screen. Combos and an extensive list of characters from the anime await players as they get into this in-depth fighting game journey.

Several gameplay modes make Naruto: the Way of the Ninja a relatively long experience. Namely, it sports an arcade mode, a versus mode, and several team play modes. Additionally, players can test their mettle in a survival mode to see just how long their ninja skills will last against an unrelenting chain of opponents. Typical fighting game controls and schemes are implemented, such as blocking, combos, and super moves. Based on the MUGEN engine, Way of the Ninja implements a unique style of graphics that may make hit detection easier for some players. A variety of features and options makes this game an easy choice to download for fans of the Naruto anime.


  • Unique. Naruto fighting games offer a unique insight on replicating the anime.
  • Combat. The system implemented fits well into the Naruto universe, which is difficult considering how many unique characters there are to represent.
  • Outlines. Using a unique graphics system allows for players to easily detect when and where their attacks will hit.


  • Graphics. Even though they may be functional, these graphics look like they would have trouble competing with most 16-bit games.
  • Stages. Unfortunately, terrain is not implemented, which implies a great deal of lost potential as it plays a significant role in the games.
  • Leveling. Characters in the anime become more powerful over time, so it is a little disappointing to see that a leveling system was not implemented here.

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